Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Mega Man DIY

I don't know about you, but growing up Mega Man was my game. I love the little guy.
From the bad Gameboy graphics to the still-bad-but-a-little-less bad graphics of Playstation I could play any Mega Man for hours.
Naturally I wanted a memento to decorate my room with, something simple but impressive.
If you're bored at home, have some glue and construction paper, and maybe 8-10 hours, go for it.

Step 1: PLAN
You've got to know what you want the end result to look like or you'll be up shit's creek not without a paddle, but with a million little useless paper squares all over the place.
Count how many squares you need of each color. Determine a proper measurement so you aren't making an Eiffel Tower hanger. I believe these are 2in x 2in.
Step 2: Template
Now of course I'm didn't build this directly on my wall, so grab yourself a poster board.
Measure measure measure. Don't think about cutting the poster yet, it won't be perfect in the end due to some human error, so you don't want to lop off a part you may need.
As long as you don't have Parkinson's it'll come out just fine.

Step 3: Cut some squares and start gluing
Make more squares than you need, especially if you have a mischievous cat.
Rubber cement is an excellent medium for getting these things to stay in place, with enough time between drying to remove and reposition.
Admire (but mostly check) your work every so often.
Step 4: Checks
Rubber cement likes to get nasty when it's dry. Too many mess-ups could cost you your project, be diligent and know which color is next.
Looks nice coming together.
Step 5:
Last but not least, cut the poster to the edges of your squares. It'll look a lot better handing on the wall like this. Leave a small amount at the top to stick a push-pin in so you don't ruin your beautiful work.

AND there you have it! The perfect nostalgic weekend project.  
Total cost: DOES IT MATTER??


  1. Total cost does indeed not matter ;D

    Gj, looks awesome!

  2. i cant even do stick figures = (

  3. I don't have enough paper colors :c